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Repel 100 Deet based Mosquito Repellant

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Repel 100 Mosquito Repellant    

DEET has long been the mosquito repellant of choice for people the world over. Many sprays used in mosquito infested areas run at around 40% DEET and 60% perfume and other ingredients. This product goes all out to make sure you’re safe.

If conditions are severe this is the strength for you.
If you have sensitive skin, drop down to the 55% mix (it's still strong) that we also sell and re-apply the spray every 4 to 5 hours.

But if you can handle the full strength you are going to love this, you get a fabulous 5-6 hours of continuous protection.

Other products are unable to come close to this timeframe.
The all-natural products on the market typically require re-application every 20 minutes ! Seriously, do you want to interrupt your day every 20 minutes to keep youself bite and itch free ?
And it's not just the itching this product is protecting you from, we've all heard about the nasty diseases mosquitoes carry... Well the good news is that when they don't get to bite you, they don't get to infect you.

Order today, enjoy tomorrow.